Someone is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Does this make sense to you?

Proposed grain silos on Lakeshore Drive between Morrisburg and Iroquois, Ontario will impact the lives of the residents along the river and would impact the environment with noise and dust from the facility in addition to the increased truck and tractor traffic.


As part of the scenic Waterfront Trail that runs from Niagara-on-the-Lake to the Quebec border, Lakeshore Dr. is a picturesque road and the gem of South Dundas.


Two-to-four towering 20,000 ton grain silos will be completely out of place.


A petition has been prepared to support the protest of this particular enterprise.

Please show the concerned residents of South Dundas your support by signing.


The petition will be presented to the South Dundas Council on July 16th, 2013.

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Presented by Concerned South Dundas Residents

This project fails to satisfy By-law Restrictions.Does this make sense to you?A Grain Bin is prohibited use.So they're trying to call it a warehouse.

· Small Scale

· Product in packages

· Low probability of Fugitive Emissions

· Infrequent movement

· Operate in daylight hours

· 15 metres in height

By-law RestrictionsReality

· Two-to-Four Grain Bins, each holding 20,000 tons of grain—nearly enough to fill an entire ship, is hardly ‘Small Scale’.

· A 90ft grain bin is quite the ‘Package’

· 3500 tons of dusty grain being moved daily in mostly-idle 40 ton trucks, aerating fans and lethal levels of fumigating gases should be considered ‘Fugitive Emissions’

· 3500 tons of grain brought daily by 170 tuck movements is hardly ‘Infrequent Movement’

· When a ship is alongside, it’s day and night.

· A 90ft ‘Warehouse’ exceeds 15 metres in height.

This project is of no financial benefit.

· If the silos are built, only two (2) permanent jobs will be created.

· In 0.75K from the west side of the proposed site to the parkland,  residents currently pay $230,000 in Property Taxes—The site pays $10k.

· If the silos are built, site taxes might double.

· If the silos are built, resisdential values will fall and taxes will drop and cancel out the meagre $10k “windfall”

· Fire and Emergency facilities will need to be bolstered to handle the risk of massive fire and explosion-with a neutral tax ‘windfall’, who ends up paying for that?

· With 170 daily truck movements, who’s going to end up paying for road repairs?

This hazardous, environmental monstrosity will actually COST us money.Does this make sense to you?

· Morrisburg and Iroquois will be subjected to 170 heavy truck movements each day as trucks and tractors route to the new terminal from the 401 and County Road 31

· Trucks are already backed onto County Road 2 with the current salt operation which coincides with soy harvest. Congestion of traffic will be exacerbated through the single permitted and narrow entrance to the proposed site on Lakeshore Drive.

· Noise, fumes and vibration from idling trucks throughout the day—if they keep to daylight hours—but with lax Environmental stewardship of the existing salt operation, that is doubtful.

· Corn dust causes severe respiratory problems and diseases and allergies of all kinds

· Constant noise from aerorating fans and conveyor belts

· The bins need to be fumigated regularly with lethal levels of gas

· These grain bins will be MASSIVE and will PERMANENTLY scar the skyline of the Ontario Waterfront Trail

Corn Dust is explosive and highly flammable. 65% of all industrial blazes in the USA were caused by Corn DustEnvironmentally Unfriendly
Does any of this make sense to you?If you agree there needs to be more discussion,